About our company

Cyberestore.com is located in Port Richey Florida which is just North of Tampa. We been in business since January of 2004. Before then the owners worked in the professional Satellite and Cable TV industry for over 15 years before deciding to start our own business. We started on E-Bay and have grown into an independent online store which now stocks many leading brands of HDTV PC Tuner Cards, Satellite receivers, Television Antennas and Accessories and other Consumer electronic items. We have grown a great deal since the early days and continue to grow and add new products on a weekly basis. Many of the items you see on our website were brought in from customer suggestions which has formed Cyberestore into what it is today.

Our goal is to be able to offer you the best quality items at a fair low price with the lowest shipping cost we can provide. If you don't see an item on our website that doesn't mean we don't have it or cant get it. We have access to hundreds of thousands of items that we can offer you at a fair price.

If your interested in our customers feedback you can take a look at our E-Bay feedback here


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